Elvish Ghetto Hideout

The ghetto itself is quiet, filled with many trellises along the sides of buildings and plenty of open squares lit by modified continual flame spells that flicker and move like dancing lights. A few buildings have been damaged by fire, but children still play in the streets despite the recent danger.

The hideout is a two-story brick building has a fake door. The chimney is exhaling smoke, a sign that someone is there, but there seems to be no entrance to the building.

The real entrance is in an alley behind the building, with only a narrow space between it and the outer wall of the ghetto. It’s a secret door made of wood, painted to look like a brick, operated by three buttons hidden in a carving of various celestials.
The buttons are carved to resemble a winged woman with a trumpet (a lawful good trumpet archon), a noble and muscular man with a lion’s head (a neutral good leonal), and an armored woman with a gleaming greatsword (a chaotic good ghaele eladrin). One must press the buttons associated with the ghaele, then the leonal, then the archon — associated with the planes of Arborea, Elysium, and
Celestia — and the door will open if you push on the sunbeam carving. Pushing them in any another
order and trying to push the door open, it springs the trap.

The 50-ft. square room is dimly lit by a roaring fire in a fireplace against the left wall, filling the building with modest warmth. Casting shadows throughout the room are nearly a dozen doors, propped up by metal frames, all of them unfinished. Tools hang around the walls, stacks of wood are piled beside the fire place, and sawdust covers the floor. It looks like the workshop of a carpenter obsessed with doors.
A staircase leads upward in the back right corner, and one of the doors stands at the foot
of the stairs.

Elvish Ghetto Hideout

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